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Consulting Skills & Capability development for BT Innovation in the UK

Influencing as a Consultant

About BT : BT is leading provider of retail, wholesale & managed telecommunication services in Europe. It has more recently entered the media space via BT Sport and acquired the UK operator, EE to broaden its portfolio. It operates in 170 countries, serves around 18million customers in the UK and has revenues of approx £19 billion. It is constantly striving to improve its innovation capabilities and remain at the forefront of the competitive communications sector.

The Challenge: BT’s transition from a publicly-owned entity to a fully private company has been a long and pioneering one. One challenge is to evolve the culture to be more open, collaborative and customer-centric. This challenge has been compounded by an ageing workforce as it sought to reduce headcount to stay competitive.  This challenge was particularly acute in the managed services business where international clients demand high levels of provision and service across their global footprint. This called for a more ‘consultative ‘ approach to building long-term relationships capable of weathering short-term challenges rather than the transactional  culture that prevailed. Building consultative and influencing skills was deemed essential.

The Solution:  A two-day in-person workshop on Influencing & Consulting Skills delivered as one option of an internal certified training programme. Initially it was rolled-out within one business unit but due to demand was later extended to several others and ran for almost 3 years across 25+ cohorts.

The Impact: The workshop became the default optional choice for the managers participating in the accreditation programme  and was noted for its highly engaging approach to its  subject. With the rise of e-learning it is increasing rare for managers to spend two-days immersed in soft skills such as these but the value is apparent to them and they appreciate it cannot be achieved with online alternatives.

Tools Used: 7 Influencing tools, the Trust matrix, stakeholder management, conflict resolution, the marshmallow challenge, negotiation the Johari window, Listening & Questioning.

See our 2017 Innovation Training Brochure for further details of this workshop.