Dell-EMC CoE Strategy

Strategy Workshop for Dell-EMC Center of Excellence

About Dell-EMC: With the Dell and EMC merger formally confirmed at the end of 2016 Dell-EMC is now the largest business unit within Dell Technologies, the largest privately owned enterprise IT company. Dell-EMC currently operate 6 Centre’s of Excellence (CoE’s) around the world.

The Challenge: Each year brings new challenges but this year brings more than usual with the need to integrate and exploit the opportunities of the merger as well as cope with the inevitable uncertainty and disruption of the merger whilst maintaining focus on meeting Customer’s needs in challenging and rapidly changing markets. Distinguishing between what is in their circle of influence and what is not is never more important  for business unit and functional  leaders than at times like this, a complex challenge very few have encountered before.

The Solution: The 2-day annual off-site Strategy Workshop for the Center of Excellence  (CoE) leadership team of 25 needed a higher-level of planning and execution than prior events given the extra demands of the merger and the need to develop a transformation plan focused on engagement, minimising disruption and developing new opportunities, both merger and market-led. Dell-EMC engaged Frost & Sullivan to apply their Mega Trends research to help identify the major regional technology and market trends and Frost & Sullivan engaged us to help design and facilitate a high-impact workshop – define its target outcomes, the approach to achieve them and the tools to engage, educate & motivate participation to generate an actionable plan and FY 2018 project portfolio.

The Impact: Cited as their best Strategy Workshop in the 8 years they have held such events,  it succeeded in raising their collective vision as to what they need to do in a period of transition AND provided them with insights as to how they can succeed and turn a time of inevitable disruption into an opportunity.  Over 80 ideas were generated to meet the four major merger and market challenges identified as well as integrate new dell policies and operating models.  These will be further developed and prioritised post-workshop to form the core FY 18 transformation programmes and projects.

Tools Used: The See Believe Think Act model, structured problem solving, Frost & Sullivan Mega Trends and Macro to Micro Analysis, stakeholder mapping, circle of influence, opportunity matrix, option evaluation grid, real-time voting using Slido, analytical decision-making, small group facilitation…

See  Why Strategies Fail: Lack of Future Vision for more on the critical role of Vision in strategy formulation.