97% of US Executives are dependent on innovation to achieve their business strategy but 82% do not distinguish how they innovate from how they achieve incremental performance.

US executives are unrealistic in believing they have the capabilities they need to achieve their bold innovation goals. The truth is that most struggle to generate the returns they seek from their innovation investments. To execute effectively, they need to adopt new approaches to innovation, learn from their past mistakes, and set reasonable goals that they can actually achieve. Accenture’s 2015 US Innovation Survey Innovation: Clear Vision, Cloudy Execution.

Most lack a coherent Innovation Strategy and are plagued with unrealistic expectations, victims to inertia & politics and external innovation ‘fashion’. This results in uncoordinated ‘me too’ programmes that may deliver on corporate image, but fail on growth & value and rarely reach beyond core products & services.

We work with clients to create growth & value by creating a Minimum Viable Innovation Strategy (MVIS), something EVERY company needs in an era of disruption, regardless of size or industry. 

An MVIS ensures disparate investments & activities are integrated, focused and coherent, improving impact & ROI and reducing risk & frustration. More on MVIS in this post, including a checklist and planned free online diagnostic.

Get in touch to find our more and see our MVIS workshop on page 4 of our 2017 Innovation Training brochure.