MTN Business Planning

Business Planning support for MTN Operating companies in South Africa, Nigeria & Iran

About MTN : MTN provides mobile & broadband services in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East. It connects over 230 million customers. The need for a broader digital offering has led MTN to refresh its vision and mission and refine its strategic objectives. This is to ensure that it maintains its leadership position in communications in emerging markets and sustain a business model that maximizes value for all stakeholders.

The Challenge: As markets mature and new customer growth slows, MTN and its competitors face a challenge to reduce operating costs, improve customer service and find new digital revenue streams. This is made more urgent by the revenue and brand threats of Over the Top (OTT) providers such as Google, Facebook and Whats App. Annual business planning has come to the fore to ensure the right investments are made, that knowledge & assets are developed and shared across the Group and that plans are acted upon. This is now more than a  budgeting process as the individual operating companies need a fundamental re-assessment of what they do and how they do it if they are to remain competitive and meet the demands of the Group.

The Solution:  Although each operating company is unique the Strategy & Planning process is essentially the same and scaled to meet the size of the leadership and management teams and the complexity of the challenges they face. It consists of one or more leadership team workshops each lasting several days and preceded by local & analogous market research, stakeholder research and detailed workshop planning & design. We partner with Mobile Market Development (MMD) who provide the sector market research before and during the process. The workshops are followed by a consolidation process to assemble a portfolio of prioritised projects for the new fiscal year and beyond. The whole process is aligned with the Group planning cycle and informed by its objectives and  initiatives.

The Impact: Dedicating 2% of their time to thinking & acting strategically is a challenge. Even more of a challenge is to think & act collaboratively across functions, focusing scarce resources on a few major initiatives that deliver lasting impact against strategic imperatives, and leverage initiatives from elsewhere in the Group. By creating a small portfolio of x-functional projects focused on customer and value  creation it has been possible to pioneer new ways of collaborative working essential to creating a lean and agile organisation that can compete in the digital age.

Tools Used: The See Believe Think Act model, MMD Market Research, stakeholder mapping & surveys, opportunity matrix, option attractiveness scoring, risk grid, small group facilitation…