Only 1 in 10 start-ups thrive.

We provide tech start-ups with business & marketing advice to help develop and execute compelling value propositions that attract customers, and funding. We do this for equity, a fee or occasionally pro bono for deserving start-ups in the social space.

Because of our 20+ years working with major companies to improve innovation performance,  we also have access to companies looking to collaborate with start-ups, either directly, via a Corporate Venture Fund (CVC) or our Open Innovation partner, 100 Open Startups.

Startup Innovation Funel
The CB Insights Start-up Innovation Funnel

See our 2017 Innovation Training Brochure for details of our workshop for Start-ups, How to Build Compelling Value Propositions

For more on Startups in the USA see the State of Startups 2016 by First Round Capital and in Europe, The State of European Tech 2016 Magazine