The Dunphy Associates Team

We have a diverse team of experienced associate consultants to lead our projects and provide domain & industry expertise. They are each a pleasure to work with and contribute something unique to the mix. I’m eternally grateful to each of them for their commitment & support!


Brendan DUNPHY specialises in Strategy & Innovation Performance. He became hooked on innovation in the late 90s soon after Bill Gross launched Idealab in Silicon Valley and he had the opportunity to develop a corporate accelerator in Europe. In addition to his own start-up activities, he now spends most of his time helping corporate leaders and their teams leave the comfort of what they know,for a distant shore they often fear.

One of his favourite quotes concerning innovation is Creativity is the ability to look at the same thing as everyone else but see something different Anon

Some of his major projects are for MTN, Kemira and BT. His LinkedIN CV is here


Ricky COUSSINS specialises in Marketing & Business Development. He has run his own agency for close on 20 years, is a master story-teller and a high-energy performer!

His LinkedIN CV is here



Brad Matthews

Brad MATTHEWS specialises in Personal & Organisational Change & Transformation. He puts people first, and is a skilled coach and team-builder of the first order!

His LinkedIN CV is here



Marc DowdMarc DOWD specialises in developing Disruptive Strategy and Business Models through the creative use of technology and innovation. He has worked as an advisor to the leaders of large enterprises for the last 25 years and loves co-creating new ways of doing things.

Disruption… is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it.” by Malcolm Turnbull sums up how Marc likes to use technology to change the way we do business. His LinkedIN CV is here


Mike NorthcottMike NORTHCOTT specializes in Collaborative Planning & Development. He is passionate about helping teams get unstuck and moving forward so that they can achieve their greatest ambitions. He has a background that includes line management experience in global marketing, R&D and supply chain operations.

One of his favourite quotes concerning planning & development is: Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” – Tom Watson, IBM

Some of his major projects are for TransAmerica, ClimateWorks, and AAA. His LinkedIN CV is here

David MasonDavid MASON specialises in Improving Team Performance in the value chain to ensure customer engagement strategies can be effectively implemented. He brings his own experience in leading sales and business development teams as well as insight gained from working in several leading global learning solutions businesses.

Some of his major projects are for Borealis, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. His LinkedIN CV is here