Why IT needs Transparent Choice

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McKinsey published its annual ‘IT’s Future Value Proposition survey of corporate IT in July2017.

Amongst the bad news of IT’s continuing irrelevance to Digital is the following statement on the challenge of aligning IT and Business priorities:

….( aligning priotities) requires a frank discussion with business leaders to close the gap between perceived and actual priorities. Agreeing on priorities will help IT play a clear, focused role in the organization, ensure visibility and appreciation for the technology-related transformations IT is leading, and let IT leaders shift their time and resources to the areas the business values most, such as innovation and integration.

It’s clear from the survey that IT is still struggling to cast of its historic role of automation, cost-reduction and technology ‘ownership but the consequences of this inertia is growing risking the future of the function itself.

Digital Strategy & transformation is a great opportunity for IT leaders to step-up and collaborate with their peers but besides developing the skills to do this, they need to make more transparent choices with their peers on the priorities for scarce IT resources and projects. Their continuing failure to do this  reduces credibility and trust in the eyes of their Business peers and company leadership, as the survey confirms

only 55% of CIO’s are invited to the Digital Strategy table

The need for Digital Strategy & transformation is a great opportunity for IT leaders to change the way IT works and put in place new practices focused on where they need to go, rather than where they have come from.

Openly working with internal partners to better prioritises projects, allocate scarce resources and align thinking is now a priority.

Failing to make this shift today will only increase IT irrelevance and deprive the Business of a potential valuable partner in the Digital Stratregies of tomorrow, and  IT leadership of it’s rightful place at the strategy table.

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